DUI School in College Park, GA

If you have been convicted for driving under the influence with either alcohol or a drug, the current GA law requires you to attend a DUI risk reduction program. AABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving is certified by the GA Department of Driver Services in order to provide assessments and the required 20 hour DUI classes in order for you to restore your license. We’re located in College Park, GA, and ten minutes from the airport and if you’ve been charged of illegal possession or consumption of drugs, we highly recommend you enroll in our DUI school in order to have your license back.

Our drivers education program is taught by professional instructors that challenge the common belief and attitude about consuming drugs and alcohol. Prior to the classes, you will have to go through an assessment that is part of the risk reduction program. Our counseling services also guides students so they can develop new patterns of behavior focused on their history and own circumstances. Our classes will have group discussions, interactive lectures, video and audio presentations while being accompanied by various workbook activities in order for you to learn.

AABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving also provides drug and alcohol evaluations in College Park, GA. For more information on our DUI program and defensive driving classes, please visit our main website for more information or visit AABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving in College Park, GA.

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