Defensive Driving Classes

Defensive driving is the method of being able to drive with awareness of the road and the drivers around you. With AABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving, driving lessons on this method will help you learn to anticipate when trouble might arise, and prepare accordingly. This is especially important for teen drivers education, because the habit will be instilled early for a lifetime of safe driving.

At AABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving our defensive driving classes goes beyond the mastery of basic driving skills. Our DUI school strives to help reduce the risk of collision by teaching you techniques to anticipate dangerous situations, regardless of the mistakes of others. By listening to what the driving instructor has to say, not only will you better understand the rules of the road, you will also become a more capable driver. You will even get hands-on drivers ed in the form of behind the wheel training.

All it takes is abiding to a variety of standard road rules, a great instructor from AABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving, and the consistent practice of the driving techniques. Sign up today for our defensive driving course or DUI risk reduction program in College Park, GA.