Counseling Services

If you are searching for inner peace, you’re struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, contact AABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving at College Park, GA today for professional counseling services. AABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving understands that the struggle is hard in order to have a happier life. If you’ve caught a glimpse of the person you want to be but are struggling, we also provide a DUI risk reduction program in order to help you fight your battle with addiction. AABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving’s counselor is a mental health and addictions counselor in College Park, GA.

In our DUI school, you’ll be surrounded by a judgment-free and warm space. In order to find that person you want to be, it’s always important to feel safe and express all your struggles and worries. You’ll be able to comprehend your emotions, actions and mind more clearly with counseling that makes you feel safe.

With AABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving’s techniques, counseling and drivers education not only will you’ll be able to pinpoint the reason behind your inner struggles but you’ll also be able to unlock your capacity and strength to have a better life. Contact AABACUS DUI & Defensive Driving today for counseling services in College Park, GA.